SQL Database Repair Software – Tool to Fix Lost .MDF, .NDF Files

sql1Though, you have stored your important database file in MS SQL database but due to any unfavorable situation you are unable to access your database file. In case you are lucky enough to have the backup of your database file, then you can easily restore your lost data. MS SQL Database is relational database management system that store and retrieve data whenever requested by the software application. The SQL server records the information using three individual files. These files are primary data file and secondary data file having extension .MDF and .NDF. MDF stands for master data file of SQL server in which data is stored physically. It stores tables, views, triggers etc. when you create a database through create command, it creates a file with .MDF extension. .NDF is the optional and user data files to store user’s data.

According to the above mentioned details, it seems like if your important database file might sqlget corrupted by the any type of odd circumstances like default storage size limit cross over, coming under suspect mode, virus attack, forcefully shutdown of system, application crash, modification in SQL queries etc. occurs corruption to the specific SQL database file and the data is lost. It hardly matters due to which reason the database file has been corrupted, as the data is very important and complex to recover manually. So, if you want to recover your lost data then you have visited the correct web-page to resolve your query. You can use MS SQL Database Repair Software recovery tool which can fix any kind of damage and corruption of the SQL server database and recover the inaccessible objects in MDF and NDF database files. In situation of severe corruption and permanent data loss from the file, the software can also come in handy.

Corruption Issues of the Database Files

Several types of possibilities are there due to which such .MDF and .NDF file formats leads to any corruption for MS SQL database. Following are the given issues of database file corruption.

  • The hardware malfunction in the hard disk system is one of the most commonly occurred problem causing the corruption of database file.
  • Instant power failure in the middle of the any function.
  • Duplication of database leads to the loss of data, it also happens by creating triggers on system tables.
  • When you are trying to rename the primary file group, it will not change but yes it can corrupt all your database.

The whole mention lines is responsible for the corruption of MS SQL database files with respective error messages.

MS SQL Database File Error Messages:

If any .NDF or .MDF file get corrupt after that there are chances that it would follow regarding error messages for different situations, just as given below:

  • Table error: Object ID 0, index ID 0, and page ID (1:105). The PageId in the page header = (0:0)
  • Internal error. buffer provided to read column value is too small.
  • Conflict occurred in database’db_name’, table ‘table_name’, column ‘column_name’
  • Memory or buffer error, space provided to read column is too small.

For removal of the corruption issues and to get rid from these error messages, you need a effective repair tool for your lost MS SQL database file.

Manual Process to Repair any Damaged MS SQL Database File

Method to manually repair the damaged or lost MS SQL Database file –

  • Simple Recovery: Simple Recovery SQL server doesn’t keep the transaction in the transaction log that have hardened to disk and automatically removed for leaving the space in file for using again. It kept stored in the SQL application memory.
  • Full Recovery: Full Recovery SQL server keeps the transaction in the transaction log until you explicitly backup the transaction log.

These methods are only applicable when you have the backup of your lost database file. In case if you do not have the backup file, then you have only one option left to recover those corrupted files using MS SQL data recovery tool known for its efficiency and strong algorithm to fix all type of file damages.

Stellar Phoenix MS SQL Database Repair Software

Stellar Phoenix MS SQL Database Repair Software is a very simple and efficient recovery tool which you can use for the recovery of corrupted database file. You can easily use it to fix all the damages and corruptions of SQL database like application crash, OS malfunction, unexpected shutdown, virus attack etc.

  • Repairs the corrupt files of SQL database server and scan the entire database for mangled entries and corrects the bit pattern.
  • Highest level of non destructive repair to preserve database integrity.
  • Recovers tables , triggers, indexes, keys constraints, rules and defaults.
  • Ability to self reconnect in case of any disruption during repair process.
  • Restores SQL server row compressed and page compressed data.
  • Selective recovery of database objects.

It supports MS SQL server 2014, 2012, 2008 and all previous versions. It also supports different Windows operating system versions: Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista etc.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Tool :Software User Guide

1. Click on “OK” button of dialog box having message “Stop MS SQL server and copy database to different location”.

2. Click on “Select Database” button and if not aware of file path click on “Find” button. After that click on “Repair” button.

3. Windows contains the previews of repairing process is in progress.

4. Select full scanned tables and other elements to see preview.

5. Fill the information in boxes and click on “Connect” button.

6. File is getting saved in selected location and progress bar of saving process is shown here.