An Easy Way to Get Rid of SQL Server Error 945!

It is well known that MS SQL sever offers secure and efficient database management system. If you are SQL user you must be familiar with this fact. Its renowned management system and advance working environment will really pull up the way you work. However, inspite of all these, it is also true that no application is completely perfect and error free. The case is also applicable with SQL server. Many a times, while working with your SQL server you experience different types of problems which restrict you to access your database. Sometimes, you might have come across SQL Server error 945. The error appears when you try to mount the database and you are unable to mount it. Now, in such situation you can also try all possible measures to make it accessible but fail to do so and you get annoyed.

Such error give rise to serious problem of database crash and makes your database inaccessible. So, it becomes necessary to resolve the problem at the earliest. But, can you ever though why such sort of cumbersome situation takes place in midway. What are the reasons behind its occurrence? Well, then don’t be puzzled! You are at the right place.

Causes Responsible for SQL Server Error 945

Corruption of database is the major reason behind any type of error related to SQL database. Apart from that, there are various of other reasons too that lead to corruption of database. Some of which are as follows:

  • Unexpected shut down of system
  • Virus Attack
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Power failure
  • Human errors

Now, due to all these reasons, user will receive SQL Server error 945 and hence, you are unable to mount the database. At the time you try to access the server, it doesn’t open and you get another error message as:

“Database ‘%.*ls’ cannot be opened due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory or disk space. See the SQL Server error log for details.”

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Method to Resolve SQL Server Error 945

In order to get rid of SQL Server error 945 you need to follow following steps:

  • Check the functionalities of hardware, memory and disk space by checking the error log
  • Confirm the exact position of MDF files and whether the database is having credential for them or not
  • Restart the database using Alter Database query

After adopting above mentioned methods you are able to mount the database. However, if you are unable to do so then use MS SQL Database Repair software.

Best Alternative to Fix SQL Error 945

MS SQL database repair is one of the effective program that works well with all versions of SQL Server including MS SQL Server 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005 and above. It can easily repair and restore database objects like tables, indexes, triggers, views etc. More than that, the software is reliable enough to overcome the problem of SQL error 945 and to re-access it properly. So, try it and get your problem be solved.

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