Easily Resolve “Forward Row Mismatch” Error

Getting “Forward Row Mismatch” error?

Willing to resolve it soon?

Well, then don’t be puzzled! You can easily be able to resolve “Forward Row Mismatch” Error.

MS SQL is a relational model database server of Microsoft. It provides an efficient database management system that stores all users query in a seperate tabular form. In order to provide better accessibility, MS SQL uses rows and columns to store users data. Further, rows gets divided & stored into series of partitions. Moreover, these splited rows will get either stored in Heap or B-tree structures.

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Brief View on Heap & B-Tree Structure

Heap structure are the basic structure to store splited rows. It does not uses any index value for storage. In this structure, forward row points back to the forwarding row. Whereas, in B-tree structure rows are always stored according to its index values. Moreover, in B-Tree each row has unique index value. So, a minor corruption or damage to database leads to a serious effects. Any damage to metadata structure results in changing the index values and thus your database records becomes inaccessible and you start getting “Forward Row Mismatch” error. Beside that, there are various of other types of errors too that you encounter due to the corruption in database system. But, you don’t have to be worried any more. Now, with the help of effective and reliable SQL database repair software, you can easily resolve “Forward Row Mismatch” error.

Common Scenario in which “Forward Row Mismatch” error appears

At each time you try to mount your database Forward Row Mismatch : Object ID O_ID, page P_ID, slot S_ID points to forward row page P_ID, slot S_ID ; the forwarded row points back to page P_ID3, slot S_ID3 error appears.

In above scenario, forwarded row (S_ID2 on page P_ID2) points instead of pointing to forwarding row (S_ID1 on page P_ID1). Hence, an error message “Forward Row Mismatch” gets appears.

Other Error That Appears Due to MS SQL Database Corruption

  • Cross Object Linkage Error
  • Table Error: Page P_ID
  • Partition Table Corruption Error

Way to Resolve “Forward Row Mismatch” Error

You can resolve the above error and regain access to your stored data by swapping the damaged system components with a new one or running DBCC CHECKDB command. However, in case the above procedure fails to rescue the situation. Then, you should opt for an effective and sophisticated MS SQL database repair software. The tool is highly equipped with effective algorithm that empowers better recovery option in a hassle free manner. Its effective algoritm will really perform complete recovery without altering the original database files. Hence, if you are get any sort of error related to MS SQL then, immediately opt for MS SQL database repair software.

Salient Features of Repair Software

  • Scan & repairs all types of errors of corrupted MS SQL database.
  • Restore corrupt tables, index, views etc.
  • Both MDF and NDF files can be repaired .
  • Preview of recovered database is also possible.
  • It can also recovers triggers and cursors.
  • It supports MS SQL server 2000, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2015.

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