Easy Way to Fix SQL Multiple IAM Pages Error 8947

Are you getting Error 8947? unable to access SQL database? Looking for solution to fix SQL multiple IAM pages error 8947? Well, then you are at right post. Read the post below and get ultimate solution to resolve the issue.

Undoubtedly, MS SQL Server is renowned computer based application and because of its effectiveness the very application is widely used for creation and maintenance of large databases. Using SQL, you are able to easily store and manages huge amount data. It stores data in the form of indexes which is very easy to access. File of SQl Server consists of various pages which stores the allocation structures. IAM i.e. Index Allocation Map pages are one of them which contains informations about the indexes and tables. It stores one bit per extent in the Global Index Map i.e. known as GAM of SQL server file. It indicates which extent is allocated to particular index. However at times you may encounter multiple IAM pages error 8947 which occurs due to the multiple IAM pages for a single object. Basically, such type of errors indicate table corruption which is nightmare for any SQL users.

At some point of time you receive SQL error 8947 when multiple Index Allocation Map pages refers to single object. In such cases, usually SQL users come across below error message.

“Server: Msg 8947, Level 16, State 1”

“Table error: Multiple IAM pages for object ID O_ID index ID I_ID contain allocations for the same interval. IAM pages P_IDI and P_ID2.”

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If you are encountering such erroneous SQL multiple IAM pages error 8947 then you need to know how it appears. Actually the error implies that the IAM page for the given index consists of two IAM pages which occupy the same GAM interval. Occurrence of SQL error 8947 message indicates the table corruption which might occurs due to severe reasons. Some common of them are database header corruption, hardware failure, abrupt system shutdown, power failure and virus infections etc.

Getting such aforementioned error is really frustrating for anyone but need not to be disappointed as you can resolve IAM Pages Error 8947. In order to overcome the issue, you have to check every issue responsible for the table corruption and then repair the damage properly. In order to achieve this task first of all you have to run hardware diagnostics and then after SQL Server error log to check the hardware related issues. If in case you find any damage then you are advised to replace the hardware components. You can also run DBCC CHECKDB utility with repair clause to repair the damaged table and fix multiple IAM pages error 8947. In this way you can easily resolve the issue.

But if the problem persist and still you are getting IAM Pages Error 8947 then it means database is corrupted too much extent then you must use MSSQL Database Repair Software. The tool is highly advanced and designed by experts which safely repairs the damaged table, indexes and entire database and hence fixes SQL error 8947. Moreover, you don’t need to make great effort to use the very tool as it has very simple interface. Thus, try MSSQL Database Repair Software in order to fix SQL multiple IAM Pages Error 8947.

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