Easy Way to Resolve Table Error 8925 in SQL 2000 Database

Are you getting table error 8925 while using SQL 2000? Are you unable to access SQL database? Well, then you don’t need to panic as you can easily resolve the issue. Continue Reading the post below and get complete solution to get rid of your problem.

Undoubtedly, MS SQL is a popularly used database management system that offers easy, secure and efficient database management. SQL Server 2000 is updated and widely used database which manages your data with much ease and security. It is relational database management system which store the entire data in form of relations and if you are using SQL for long time then you know that it uses table to store your valuable data. With the help of indexing feature you can easily locate the particular data and can access them anytime. If you are experienced SQL user you must be familiar with this fact but it no any application is completely error free and perfect and it’s same with the SQL. While working on SQL you will experience types of problems at different stage which restrict you to access your database. One such very error is the occurrence of table error 8925 that arises in spite of so awesome and effectiveness features of SQL due to which you are unable to access the records.

Many times, it happens that while accessing SQL 2000 database users reported that they are unable to access their stored records and each time when they try to open the table an error message appears as shown below:

“Table error: Cross object linkage: Page P_ID1, slot S_ID1, in object ID O_ID1, index ID I_ID1 refers to page P_ID2, slot S_ID2, in object ID O_ID2, index ID I_ID2.”

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As a result of table error 8925 MDF files becomes inaccessible and you are unable to access the stored data. All error appears using SQL are because of database corruption caused due to several reasons. The major cause behind the occurrence of this error message is that P_ID1 page points to a P_ID2 in a different object. Actually such types of problem arises due to following reasons:

  • Header file corruption
  • Damaged MDF file
  • Corrupt meta-data structure
  • Improper shut down of system
  • Virus infection

Above discussed factors corrupt MDF files and then generate different kinds of error messages due to which you come across various problems. In order to resolve table error 8925 you have to check hardware related issues by checking the error-log and then swap the damaged hardware components. Execute DBCC CHECKDB utility to repair the damaged database. In case if the utility fails to repair then use third-party MS SQL Database Repair Software. Following the very step you can resolve the step but it may happens that while doing so you will lose your data. That’s why you are advised to use MS SQL Database Repair software to repair data base without losing any data. It will safely repair SQL Server Error 8961 by using its powerful scanning technology. Moreover, to use the very tool you don’t need to make great effort as that tool has been designed with simple and instructive interface so that even newbie can use it in hassle-free manner.

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