Effective Solution to Repair Page Header Corruption in MS SQL server

There is no doubt that MS SQL provides efficient database management. But, on the other side the chances of its corruption are also at its height. As a result, users are not allowed to access their database and hence all the stored files becomes inaccessible. Moreover, the corruption of database leads to the occurrence of numerous errors and unless you fix those errors accessibility is blocked. Now, here a common question arises that why the stored database file becomes inaccessible? Well, the answer to this very question is the page header corruption, which may occurs due to some arbitrary reasons that are explained below. So, lets have a look.

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Reasons Behind Header File Corruption

  • Improper shutdown of system.
  • Power failure.
  • Page header corruption.
  • Virus infections.
  • Damaged hardware components.

Above mentioned instances give result to corruption of database and you start getting errors. For example, the below cited error occurs when you are working on your MS SQL server database.

Table error: alloc unit ID A_ID, page P_ID. The test (TEST) failed. The values are VAL1 and VAL2.

The reason behind this error is Page Header corruption. Due to corruption problem occurs to database, the page P_ID fails to pass the auditing test. Sometimes, it also shows an error message like TEST string has failed the test.

Resolution to Fix Page Header Corruption & Its Aftermath

In such situation you should do MDF file repair in order to address the issue. It can be done by verifying the hardware components. So, for this follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Verify the hardware related errors by checking the SQL Server error logs.
  • Exchange the hardware components to narrow down the error.
  • If disk controller has enabled write-disk cashing then, take the help of hardware vendor to solve the issue.
  • Also try DBCC CHECKDB. Using this utility you can check the symmetric data integrity of your database.
  • You can also format hard drive and reinstall new OS to get an error free system.
  • If you don’t found any error in your hardware components then should check the state of database backup and replace it with backup.

However, if you don’t have backup you can try to restore using the steps;

  • Immediately stop SQL Serve instance.
  • Copy LDF & MDF files at another location.
  • Now, remove the original LDF and MDF files.
  • Start SQL Server instance again.
  • Now, start a new database with the same file name.
  • Stop SQL Server.
  • Again, overwrite the newly created MDF and LDF files.

What if Above Steps Fails to Repair Page Header Corruption ?

Sometimes, the database are damage to such an extent that they are not repaired by the steps explained above. Hence, in that situation you can repair Page Header corruption with the help of an effective and reliable MS SQL Database Repair Software. It ensures safe recovery of database without doing any type of overwriting. Beside that, the software also maintains the integrity of users data and relational tables. It can also repairs database objects like collations, triggers, tables, NDF files and stored procedures etc. More than that, the tool is well compatible with MS SQL server 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016. Hence, try it and easily repair Page header corruption with ease.

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