Effective Steps to Resolve SQL Server Error 8961!

Are you unable to work over your SQL database? Are getting SQL server error 8961? Searching for some effective procedure to resolve the problem? Well, then don’t be puzzled! You can easily be able to resolve the issue using MS SQL Database repair software.

If you are professions enough then, you might aware of the fact that, MS SQL user you might know that it store data in the form of relations or tables. It arranged all the data separately in the form of rows and columns. These rows are divided into numbered partitions which start from 1 to n. All rows are considered as single partition and you can also determine its size. Entire rows of the tables are stored in the form of B tree structure or heap structure. Text data node i.e. leaf nodes of leaves store the actual data and index values for leaf nodes are stored by text index nodes. But while access sometimes you find table discrepancies due to mismatch of child and parent nodes. As a result, you might faces SQL Server Error 8961. Beside that, here below you see some common errors related with MS SQL server error 8961:

Server: Msg 8961, Level 23, State

Table error: Object ID O_ID. The text, ntext, or image node at page P_ID1,

slot S_ID1, text ID TEXT_ID does not match its reference from page P_ID2, slot S_ID2.

Where, ‘state number’ might be 1, 2 or 4.

Occurrence of SQL Server Error 8961 indicates that there is a corruption in text objects due to mismatch between child and parent node. But don’t worry you can find the exact cause of error with the help of displayed state number.

  • State 1 indicates that there is a mismatch in timestamps between child and parent node
  • State 2 occurs when child node is text index node has different size as assume by parent node which was previously text data node having size greater than parent node
  • State 4 indicates that actually child node is text index node but it is supposed as text data node by parent node

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Method too Fix SQL Server Error 8961

Once you get the exact cause of SQL Server Error 8961 you can easily fix it by executing DBCC CHECK command.

  • Repair and restore database from available backup
  • Check hardware problems of the system
  • Execute DBCC CHECKDB command

But while doing so you will lose your data. So, to resolve the problem without losing any data of your data, you can use MS SQL Database Repair software. It will safely repair SQL Server Error 896 by using its powerful scanning technology. More than that, its easy to use feature will really make the working quite easier and simpler. Hence, you should immediately make use of it and get rid from annoying problem.

Salient Feature of Recovery Software

  • Perform deep scan of your SQL database.
  • Maintains the integrity of data.
  • Highly result oriented.
  • Cost effective.
  • Simple & interactive interface.
  • Well compatible with all version of Windows as well as SQL server.

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