Fix Cross Object Linkage Table Error!

Being a smart user you might be familiar with MS SQL & its uses. In MS SQL Server database, the tables are divided into various numbers of partitions. These are maintained by the B-tree (non-clustered) or heap (clustered) structure. Both these are having different ways to store the data. In the heap tree structure the data is arranged in a pre-specified order where as in the B-tree structure the data is stored in one place and the index in another. The meta data plays an important role in the management of data. If the Meta data structure gets corrupted due to any internal or external reasons then, the associated data will be inaccessible and hence, cross object linkage table error gets emerges in midway.

Now, consider a scenario where you get the following error message while accessing the table records:

“Table Error: Cross Object Linkage: Page P_ID1, slot S_ID1, in object ID 0_ID1, index ID I_ID1 refers to page P_ID2, Slot S_ID2, in object ID 0_ID2, index ID I_ID2.”

After the occurrence of above error, you are no longer be able to access the SQL database table, it becomes inaccessible. What you receive it the only error message which will be level 16 error message. The main reason for the above error message is that the page P_ID1 is pointing to a page P_ID2 in a wrong object. The message can also occur due to the logical or physical crash.

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How to Resolve Cross Object Linkage Table Error ?

One very simple solution to conquer this very issue is to restore corrupted database from the updated backup. But, in case there is the unavailability of updated backup or if even the backup file gets corrupted then, in such situation you need to go for other option.

Use DBCC CHECKDB command to check & fix database table issue. Hence, you can easily be able to resolve cross object linkage table error.

What Next? If Above Steps Fails to Solve the Problem ?

However, even after following the above steps if you fails to resolve the problem, then in such condition you should make use of an effective and reliable MS SQL Database Repair software. It is a non destructive, easy to use application that work well to repair corrupted database items. Using this very software you can easily be able to recover lost or inaccessible data again. You can view all your stored data in a proper way by using this very software. More than that, the tool is highly reliable and proficient enough. So, try it and get rid from Cross object linkage table error easily.

Features of MS SQL Database Repair Software

  • Perform deep scan of MS SQL database.
  • Easily rectify the problem.
  • Repair & recover NDF & MDF files.
  • Rescue deleted tables, triggers, indexes, records, keys, rules, etc.
  • Recover HTML, XLS & CSV files.
  • Highly reliable in nature.
  • Cost effective.
  • Offer very easy to use interface.
  • Compatible with MS SQL server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016.

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