Fix SQL Database Consistency Checks have Failed Error

MS SQL is one of the popularly used database that offer various feature & facility to its user. It supports better algorithm to provide easier data transaction from client to server and from server to client. But, sometimes, SQL user have to face some sorts of inconvenience while working with their computer system. Many a times, users also reported SQL Database Consistency Checks have Failed error. As a result, user’s are unable to access any of their stored data from SQL database. It has also be seen that due to the emergence of this very problem, there arises a chance of corruption. Generally, such sort of issue appears while creating the backup of your database files.

Causes Responsible for SQL Database Consistency Checks have Failed Error

Usually such types of corruption occurs due to the integrity issue, Improper authentication with database, improper system shut down, power failure, virus attack, volume header corruption, damage metadata structure or malfunctioning of hardware. Apart from that, there are various of other technical error too that are quite responsible for the emergence of such panic error. But, you don’t have to be panic! Now, you can be easily able to fix SQL Database Consistency Checks have Failed error.

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How to Repair SQL Database Consistency Checks have Failed Error ?

Once your database becomes damage you are not able to access it unless your rectify its probable. So. In order to repair SQL Database Consistency Checks have Failed Error, SQL Server provides you with inbuilt utility i.e. DBCC CHECKDB. Using which you can checks the consistency and integrity of tables and in most cases it resolves the issue. But, sometimes you experience that SQL database consistency checks have failed and utility tool is unable to repair it. Or, if DBCC CHECKDB itself generates error 0x0008443. In that case, you need to follow the steps explained below.

1.Use Valid Backup: If you have created a valid backup of your database files then, you can use it to rectify the error.
2.Use SQL Command: DBCC CHECKDB(mydb, REPAIR_REBUILD) use it to repair DBCC problem. If it not works then, try DBCC CHECKDB(mydb, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS), but it can alter or damage some data.

All types of consistency checks including database pages, rows, allocation pages, index relationship and other types of database structure are perform by DBCC CHECKDB. If in any circumstances it fails to check any of them then the error appears and your database becomes inaccessible.

What if Above Steps Fails to Fix SQL Database Consistency Checks have Failed

In order to gain access over your database you need MS SQL Database Repair software. It follows advanced techniques and strong scanning algorithm which thoroughly scan the database and repair all types of corruption. It safely repairs and restores all types of SQL database objects like tables, views, triggers, stored procedures and constraints etc. So, make use of this professional tool and easily gain access to your SQL database without any sort of error messages.

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