Fix SQL Error 8902 to Resolve Memory Allocation Issues

Are you getting SQL error 8902 while accessing your database? Searching for an effective solution to resolve the problem? Well, then you are surely at the rightmost place.

Undoubtedly, SQL server is one of the popular relational database management system which offers easy management of data. It is widely used database in any enterprise environment as it offers various tools for fast and easier access of data. Despite of its effectiveness and secure management system, the SQL users also reported several discrepancies. They encountered various error messages which leads to inaccessibility of database. SQL error 8902 is among them, which usually occurs in SQL server database and restrict its accessibility. It is one such error which generally related to memory allocation issues in SQL. When it appears it renders the database inaccessible and often results in data loss situations. Usually, when the error appears you come across below error message:

Memory allocation error during DBCC processing.

Why SQL Error 8902 Gets Emerges?

There can be various reasons for the emergence of such annoying situation, such as improper termination of system, abrupt power supply, corrupt file headers, damaged meta-data structure, malfunctioning of applications, virus attack and human errors etc. Apart from that, there are various of other reasons too that are responsible for such adverse situation and which further leads to data loss issue. Moreover, When system finds no memory space for the non-clustered index coverage checks then users get encountered with above error message. Due to occurrence of above error message you are not allowed to access the database. But, since you are at the right place. Here, you will get complete guide to rectify SQL error 8902.

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Steps to Fix Database Error

In order to resolve the above issue and to pretend the normal execution of your database system, it is advised to follow the step mentioned below;

  • Check the hardware related problems by executing hardware diagnostic. Check error log and swap the damaged hardware.
  • Run DBCC CHECKDB utility to repair the damaged SQL database.
  • Restore the damaged database with the current backup available.

In this way you will be able to resolve the memory allocation issues and hence you can rectify SQL error 8902. But, what if the problem still persists then use can third-party MS SQL Database Repair Software.

More About MS SQL Database Repair Software

MS SQL Database Repair Software is an all in one solution to resolve database problem and to optimize its workability. Using this effective software you will be able to repair the corrupt database and resolve the errors. Moreover, the comprehensive too is also capable to restore damaged SQL objects like index, tables, constraints, views triggers etc. in a easy way. More than that, its easy to use interface and highly reliable working environment really adds an extra wing to its height. So, don’t wait until its too late. Just go for it and resolve the database problems now.

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