Fix SQL Error 8966 Reported by DBCC CHECKTABLE!

If you are using MS SQL server in your organization for efficient database management, you might have experienced problems while accessing your database. Sometimes, you found that the records stored in your database become inaccessible and you are unable to fetch or store any data any of them on your database. The major cause for the occurrence of such annoying situation is the corruption inside the database. But, now you don’t have to be worried! As you are on the right channel.

MS SQL server provides you with an inbuilt tool in the form of DBCC CHECKTABLE command to repair the corruption that mend the damaged database to some extent. But, sometimes there comes a situation when it fails to repair and displays error messages like SQL Error 8966. In that situation you need to install third party software and make use of it.

Causes Responsible for SQL Error 8966

The records of your database gets damaged or corrupted due to following reasons like:

  • Malfunctioning of the system
  • Record header corruption
  • Concurrent modification
  • Damage of metadata structure
  • Virus attack
  • Improper shut down of system

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How to Rectify SQL Error 8966 ?

As, DBCC CHECKTABLE command checks the logical and physical integrity of the database including corrupted table and indexed view. So, in most of the case people use this inbuilt tool to repair the corruption. In some situations the command displays an error message as SQL Error 8966 and fails to repair the corruption. Occurrence of this error message indicates that the database is still corrupted and can’t be repaired by DBCC CHECKCTABLE command.

To understand in detail, consider a scenario when you try to repair the corrupted table using DBCC CHECKCTABLE command and it fails to fix. It displays error message showing exact reason for its failure.

“Server: Msg 8966, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Could not read and latch page (1:24) with latch type SH. Sysindexes Failed.

Server: Msg 8944, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Table error: Object ID 2, index ID 0, page (1:24), and row 11. Test

(!(hdr->r_tagA & (VERSION_MASK | RECTAG_RESV_A | RECTAG_RESV_B))) failed. Values are 95 and 193.

Server: Msg 8944, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Table error: Object ID 2, index ID 0, page (1:24), row 11. Test

(GetRecType (pRec) >= 0 && GetRecType (pRec)”

So, in order to fix SQL Error 8966 you have to use MS SQL Database repair software. It can easily repairs all types of errors related to MS SQL Server. It can also recovered and restore your corrupted tables, indexes, views and triggers etc.

More About MS SQL Database Repair Software

The recovery software is one of the most effectively developed tool to rectify SQL error & to resolve the database related issues. The software is highly responsible for the recovery of NDF files, tables, stored procedures, collations, defaults, triggers, etc. So, try it and easily get rid of SQL error 8944.

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