Guide to Fix 0x80004005 E_fail Error in MS SQL

Have you encountered 0x80004005 E_fail Error while accessing Microsoft SQL server? Searching for some effective procedure to fix it? Well, then you don’t have to be worried! Here, you get complete solution to resolve the problem. So, have patience and just continue reading this post.

As we all familiar with the fact that, MS SQL is one of the most reliable database management system. It stores and manages data effectively by providing unique index to each data type & its relation table. It also offers easy to access the data by allowing easier search, analysis, query and synchronization process. But, sometimes while accessing MS SQL, you might have encountered an 0x80004005 E_fail Error message. It generally happens due to the corruption inside the database. As a result, users are unable to access the stored data and also its performance gets hampered. Beside that, it has also been reported that due to the emergence of this error, your system get randomly crashed, there will be a Internet Explorer script error, etc.

An example of 0x80004005 E_fail Error is shown below, which appears while connecting SQL Database;

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services 2005


Source: “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services 2005”

Interface: IID_ICommand

Result: 0x80004005 = E_FAIL

IErrorInfo: [0xc10e0002] “Query (1, 15) Parser: The syntax for ‘from’ is incorrect.” File:

F:\Depot\SQLVault\mdac28sdk\Samples\oledb\rowsetviewer\SDK\obj\i386\CSession.cpp Line: 235

Sometimes you also receive the error message like;

0×80004005 E_fail Error in MS SQL

Minor Error: (25017)

Description: Unspecified Error

The error code is SSCE_M_DATABASECORRUPTED which indicates that database file or non database file have been corrupted. You generally use Compact Database method to fix the error but you are not able to do so because when you use such method it again encounter error message as:

Error: 2147467259.

Generally, such sort of error messages appears due to;

  • Corruption in SQL Database.
  • File system corruption due to power failure.
  • Human errors.
  • Malware Attack.
  • Improper shutdown of the system .

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How to Fix 0×80004005 E_fail Error in MS SQL?

You can resolve 0×80004005 E_fail Error in MS SQL by installing latest service pack of MS SQL server. For more information about the service pack;

You can also follow the step mentioned below to fix the issue.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 >> Configuration Tools >> SQL Server Configuration Manager >> SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration >>Enable TCP-IP.

What Else, If Above Method Fails to Fix 0×80004005 E_fail Error ?

However, if above steps fails to rectify the problem then, MS SQL Database Repair software is the only option. It can easily repair your corrupted database by applying strong scanning process and advanced tools and techniques. The software can fix all types of errors and also restore your lost MDF files. Last but not the least, its easy to use interface will really proves to be boon for the user’s. The tool is well compatible with all the latest versions of Windows operating system, including Windows 7 & Windows 8. Hence, try it and easily resolve your problem.

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