How to Fix Error 1203 in MS SQL Server 2008 ?

Error 1203

Severity Level 20

Message Text

Process ID % d attempted to unlock a resource it does not own: %.* ls

Are you receiving the same error messages while trying to authorizing your database to access some data? Looking for some effective procedure to fix error 1203 in MS SQL Server 2008 ? Well, then you have tunned the right post.

MS SQL Server 2008 aims at providing self tuning, self organizing and self maintaining data management. It has been widely used as data storage backend for XML, e-mail, file, document, calendar, spatial etc. Apart from this it also perform search, analysis, query and synchronization across all data types. It is popular database as it supports digital media formats like pictures, audio, video and other multimedia data. But, in some cases user’s also experiences some sort of inconvenience while accessing their database. They often get error 1203, which using MS SQL. Generally, such sort of problem appears when MS SQL server tries to unlock the requested page which has already been unlocked. Beside that, error 1203 in MS SQL Server 2008 appears due to some structural problems within the database that results in the corruption of database.

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Other Factors Responsible for the Occurrence of Error 1203 in MS SQL Server 2008

  • Power failure.
  • Virus attack.
  • Hardware problems.
  • Abnormal shut down of system.
  • Problem with database integrity.

Way to Fix Error 1203 in MS SQL Server 2008

In order to rectify the problem and to sustain the proper execution of your database, you should take help of backup files. Yes, it you have a proper backup of your corrupted database, then you can surely be able to resolve the problem. However, in the case if you don’t have updated backup then, you should run DBCC CHECKDB utility to know the area of corruption. If it reports no error, then re-establish the connection with your database and re-execute DBCC CHECKDB command.

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Note: Above process doesn’t prove safe repairing and it might overwrite the existing data.

What If Above Command fails to Fix Error 1203 in MS SQL Server 2008 ?

Well, if you still facing the same issue then, it is better to use MS SQL Database Repair Software that can safely resolve error 1203 in MS SQL Server 2008 & other versions too without getting any damage to existing data. It repairs all types of objects like tables, NDF files, stored procedures, triggers, defaults, indexes etc. Apart from that, there are various of other features too that the software offer to its users, such as it provide in depth scanning of MS SQL database, offer easy to use interface, highly reliable in nature, etc. In addition, the software is also well compatible with all versions of MS SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005 and 2008, 2012, 2014. So, get it and easily fix database related query.

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