How to Fix MS SQL Error 7965?

MS SQL is one of the widely used relational database server that stores user’s data in the form of tables & relations. Further, to offer an easy execution and to store the user’s extent in a well managed way, SQL server uses Index Allocation Map page. More than that, the SQL server also uses rows to store the user’s recovered and further split it. Now, the splitted rows of SQL database get gets stored in the form of heaps. To access these records and to easily navigate through the heaps record, SQL server uses IAM (Index Allocation Map) page. This navigation facility makes the searching process even more faster and easier. But, inspite of all these features and facilities, sometimes it has also been reported that IAM pages fails to work properly. As a result, user’s are unable to view their stored data and hence a MS SQL error 7965 gets emerges.

The general format of error 7965 is;

Table error: could not check the object ID O_ID due to invalid allocation (IAM) page(s) or Error 7965

The root cause of error 7965 is corruption of one of the IAM pages that was identified by the Ids. Apart from that, there are various of other factors too that are quite responsible for the emergence of panic MS SQL error 7965. So, lets have a look on it.

Causes Responsible for Error 7965

  • Problem with database or its files system.
  • Presence of damaged hardware components
  • Power failure
  • Virus infections
  • Human error.

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How to Fix MS SQL Error 7965 ?

In order to resolve error 7965, one should have to recover their SQL database by checking hardware related reasons. You should confirm that whether the error occurs due to malfunctioning of hardware components by checking error log reports. To isolate the actual reason of corruption you can also consider swapping of hardware components. However, if the problem still persist then, you can also go for the reformatting and reinstalling of operating system.

Note: Doing so will erase all your saved record from database. So, instead of going for the formatting option, you should rely on MS SQL database repair software.

Way to Fix MS SQL Error 7965

Friends, if you really got irritated due to unresponsive behavior of your SQL server and looking forward to fix it then, you should immediately make use of an effective MS SQL database repair software. Further, the tool is so advancely designed that it not only repairs several error but also restore the deleted relation data. So, try it and get resolve from your problem.

Salient features of software

  • It repairs all common errors of MS SQL database
  • Retrieve corrupted tables, index, views etc.
  • It can also recover triggers and cursors.
  • It can repair both MDF and NDF files.
  • It is compatible with MS SQL server 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005, 2000,
  • It safely restores data and also displays the preview.

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