How to Increase Animation Speed in SQL Server Management Studio

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and its later versions are endowed with major new features and high-tech tools that provide you various options to manage your data in much effective manner. One of the major tools is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) which is included in all versions launched after SQL Server 2005. This effective tool is responsible for configuration, management and administration of all components within SQL Server. Unlike earlier versions, you will see Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer into one common interface in SSMS which enables you manage your server graphically. Apart from that, users also increase animation speed in SQL server Management studio.

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One of the important features of SQL Server Management Studio is Object Explorer using which you can easily select, browse and act upon any type of objects within the server. It includes both script editor and graphic tools which are really very useful. While working you might have experienced slow animation speed in SSMS. So, you can easily increase SSMS Window animation speed and can set your desired speed.

Steps to Increase Animation Speed in SQL Server Management Studio

  • Close SQL Server Management Studio
  • Open text editor and then try to open the mentioned file: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Settings\CurrentSettings-2006-02-01.v settings
  • Once the file is opened find the “AnimationSpeed”. You will find the default value given as 5. Change it to desired animation speed.
  • In order to increase animation speed you can give the value as 10 and then save it.

Now if you open SQL Server Management Studio you will find increased SSMS Window animation speed and you can easily fly in/out in Windows. After following above mentioned steps you will find that it is not very tough task to increase the animation speed in SQL Server Management Studio and you can easily achieve desired speed of your choice.

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