How to Solve SQL Error 8940!

Are you getting SQL Error 8940? Searching for some effective procedure to get rid of it? Well, then you are surely at the right most place.

It is well known fact that SQL server database store information in the form of tables. Any type of inconsistencies in table leads to inaccessibility of data and hence, you start receiving several error messages. So, in order to check the inconsistencies and to provide better working environment, database administrator run consistency check on tables. This can be done by using DBCC CHECKTABLE command. But, being a free utility many a times the tool fails to rectify the problem. Instead a panic SQL error 8940 gets emerges in midway. Further, in such case you immediately take some proper action for MDF recovery otherwise it leads to severe data loss problem.

What is SQL Error 8940 ?

Consider a situation when you find some consistencies related issues with MS SQL database. At that time you try to sort out the problem by running DBCC CHECKTABLE command to check the inconsistencies but, inspite of repairing your database, you get encounters with annoying SQL Error 8940. Further, you are not allowed to fix the issue as CHECKTABLE command fails and you encounter below error message:

  • Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page P_ID. Test (TEST) failed
  • Address 0xADDRESS is not aligned.
  • This error appears in two states as state 9 and state 102.

Why SQL Error 8940 Gets Emerges ?

SQL Error 8940 error generally occurs due to hardware problems. The error implies that 4-byte aligned condition doesn’t contain the structure defined at address. When free space offset is not aligned correctly then errors appears as state 9 whereas when record is not aligned properly then error state 102 appears.

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Method tp Fix It?

In order to fix the SQL Error 8940 you have to perform hardware diagnostics. To do so, you have to check SQL Server error log, Windows system log and application log. If you are unable to repair the corruption even after checking this then, try to change the hardware components. If you found no problems with hardware then, you have to restore the database with valid backup. In the case if you don’t have backup then run DBCC CHECKDB with repair clause. But, while doing so you may lose your data. So, it’s better to use third party software to fix the issue.

Best Way to Fix SQL Error 8940?

MS SQL Database Repair software is a comprehensive tool that is easily available over Internet. Using this handy tool, you can easily repair and restore the corrupted database in a very short time. Hence, in this way you can easily fix SQL error 8940. Beside that, the software also works well to resolve damage or corrupt SQL table, trigger, relations and many other component of SQL database. Moreover, the recovery tool also offer very easy to use interface which really makes the working even more simpler and easier. So, what are you waiting for! Just try it and easily fix SQL Error 8940.

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