Instructions to Fix SQL Error 8974

“Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, partition ID PN_ID, alloc unit ID A_ID (type TYPE). The off-row data node at page P_ID1, slot S_ID1, text ID TEXT_ID is pointed to by page P_ID2, slot S_ID2 and by page P_ID3, slot P_ID3.”

Are you getting the above mentioned error while attempting to access the stored data from SQL database? Does you database becomes inaccessible? Have you tried to resolve the problem using DBCC CHECKDB command but, fails to resolve it? Instead you are getting SQL error 8974? Now, searching for some effective procedure to get rid of it? Well, then don’t get panic! As you are on the right place. Here, we will guide you with best recovery feature. So, have patience and continue reading this post.

Although, SQL Server 2008 is latest version of SQL which has been recently launched to facilitate database management in an efficient manner. It is much improved version which aim to make data management self organizing, self-tuning and self maintaining. This version of SQL is very good medium for data storage backend having different categories of data. But, inspite of all its effectiveness and features, users still encounter corruption issues and faces problems while accessing database tables. Out of different types of error that appears due to the corruption inside the database, SQL error 8974 is most common.

Why SQL Error 8974 Gets Emerges?

It generally occurs when two index records have enlisted an off-row node as their child node which is wrong. Generally each node have only one parent node when its changes the error appears. This situation arises when your database gets corrupted due to hardware malfunctioning, power outage, abrupt system shut down or virus attack etc.

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Steps to Fix SQL Error 8974

In order to fix this error you can follow below mentioned steps:

  • Check the hardware related issues by checking error log and swap the hardware components
  • If you have got updated backup then replace the database with current backup available
  • Run DBCC CHECKDB command with Repair clause. This command will repair the damage and delete the off-row data node from P_ID1 and its references

Alternative to Fix SQL Error 8974

If still the problem persists then, use MS SQL Database Repair Software to rectify your damaged database. More than that, the tool will repair and restore your corrupt database along with its lost objects such as procedures, triggers, indexes, collations etc. Not only this but also, the tool perform series of tasks like repairing damage records, links and other component of SQL database. Further, instead of better recovery option the tool also provide very easy to use interface. Its highly advance working environment will really pull’s your way and help you to recover your data. So, what are you waiting for! Just try it and recover all lost or damaged records in a hassle free manner.

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