Know How to resolve Unable to Process Table Error

Are you unable to process table? Are you getting process table error? Looking toward an effective solution to resolve the issue? Well, then you are right post. Continue reading and get complete solution to resolve unable to process table error.

Everyone knows, MS SQL is widely used database management system. It is most reliable and worldwide used DBMS. It is relational model database server that provides efficient database management. It uses SQL as query language and store data in the form of relations i.e. in rows and columns. Data stored in tables have unique index values through which it can be accessed. SQL Server llows the use of filegroups so that you can group database files for the purpose of better database administration and allocation. Sometimes due to change in index values or some other causes error occurs and you unable to access the table or you will get unable to process the table error. It generally occurs when you try to mount the database. Such type of error is the indication of severe table corruption.

Basically, the error occurs due to corruption of sysfilegroups table. One complete row for each file group is present in sysfilegroups. When this file becomes corrupt you start getting this error message each time when you try to mount the database.

Unable to process table O_NAME because filegroup F_NAME is invalid.”  where O_NAME indicates name of table and F_NAME indicates filegroup name.

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There are number of reasons behind such very error in which the major causes for Unable to Process Table error are:

  • Corruption of Sysfilegroups table
  • Filegroups are accidentally marked offline
  • When filegroups are marked offline intentionally

After you get this error you are unable to access your database records and your database becomes inaccessible. Although, it’s worrying moment for any user but you don’t need to be disappointed as there is a solution of your problem. To resolve this error you have to adopt below mentioned steps:

  • Make the filegroups online if in case it is offline
  • Execute DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP statement to know the extent of database corruption and repair clause
  • Recover data with the help of available backup

Going this way will solve your issue but in case if you don’t have proper or valid backup available you are unable to get back your data. You might worried now thinking it’s last way but need not to be desperate as there is an alternative in form of MS SQL Database Repair Software. The powerful software has been designed with advanced technique by well experienced layman using which you can repair your corrupted database and recovers all your lost records. Moreover, you don’t need to make great effort as the software comes with GUI features hence, it is easy to use. Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows 2003, 2000, NT, XP and Vista. It can repair and restore views, triggers, procedures of SQL server 2008, 2005 and 2000 database.

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