MS SQL Server Assertion Error Makes MDF Database Inaccessible: Repair it Now!!

Are you getting MS SQL Server assertion error? Unable to access MDF database? Looking for solution to fix MS SQL Server Assertion Error that makes MDF database inaccessible? Well then fortunately you are at right post. Continue Reading and get complete solution to fix the issue.

Undoubtedly, MS SQL is most popular and widely used database and being a smart user you might be familiar with MS SQL. While working on SQL server you execute various types of SQL commands to accomplish your task efficiently. However, as we all know no application is totally error free and hence sometimes while using SQL execution of query fails and the process halt in the midway leading to SQL Server assertion error. Truly for any SQL user, facing such error is nightmare but you don’t need to be dishearten. Now let’s have a look for its reasons. It has been observed that most of the SQL users unable to execute their query successfully due to occurrence of below mentioned error message:

“OLE DB provider “SQLNCLI” for linked server “Linked Server” returned message “No transaction is active.”. Msg 3624, Level 20, State 1, Line 1 A system assertion check has failed. Check the SQL Server error log for details

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Above mentioned error message is widely been observed in SQL Sever 2005 and 2008 when users try to execute a distributed query on the liked server. After the occurrence of SQL Server assertion error you can’t execute the query anymore and the execution fails in midway. In spite of numerous efforts you are unable to access your MDF database. If you don’t take immediate steps to fix the error it might happens that you suffers from data loss situations.

Basically, Assertion error in SQL server occurs due to any type of software bug or corruption in database which makes database inaccessible. So, to regain access to your corrupt database you should check consistency of database using DBCC CHECKDB command and repair the corruption.

After using DBCC CHECKDB command if you found that SQL Server assertion error appears due to malfunctioning of application, then you just need to reinstall the application to resolve the problem. However, if you are still getting same error then you are highly advised to rely on effective database repair software such as MS SQL Database Repair Software. The tool has been designed by experienced layman with advanced technology that easily repair your lost deleted as well as using the very application you can also repair your damaged database so that you can easily access it. In case if you have lost any SQL objects then this effective software can restore it back. It works with all versions of SQL like SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 etc. Moreover, to use the very software you don’t need to make great effort as it has been designed with very simple and interactive interface so that even recently started SQL user can use it. Therefore, you don’t need to panic as MS SQL Database Repair Software is there which can ultimately fix MS SQL Server Assertion Error that makes MDF database inaccessible.

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