SQL 2005 Partition Table Error!

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (both the Enterprise and Developer Editions) is designed with paramount features. Among several, one of its bright features is table partitioning that the user can utilize to improve the performance of the large databases. Since, the partition tables are flexible in nature and therefore are easy to operate and maintain. But, in some cases it gets corrupted and user start receiving SQL 2005 partition table error.

A Situation of Partition Table Corruption

Suppose you have two partition tables X and Y and both have same columns and partitioned against similar column. On table Y you have build a clustered index and drop it thereby switching a partition from Table X to Table Y. Then with the help of BULK INSERT command with TABLOCK option you have import suitable data to Table Y. All these steps are able to corrupt the data and if you run the DBCC CHECKTABLE command then you will get the following error message:

“Msg 2570, Level 16, State 3, Line 2 Page (PageID), slot SlotID in object ID ObjectID, index ID IndexID, partition ID PartitionID, alloc unit ID UnitID (type “In-row data”). Column “ColumnName” value is out of range for data type “DataType”. Update column to a legal value.”

Other than these you can also get the Error with ID 8984 and 8988.

These error messages can appear due to the mismatch between meta data of the two tables. When the user drops the clustered index to Table Y, its meta data is changed and after this when you switch the partitions between tables, the meta data information mismatches and therefore the user get the error message.

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Method to Resolve SQL 2005 Partition Table Error

To solve this problem you need to run the DBCC CHECKTABLE command since it can correct the data corruption issues. If it does not worked then check if you have the backup copy of the partition table or not. If you have the backup copy then simply delete the partition table and restore from the backup copy. If unfortunately you don’t have the backup copy then the only suggested way to solve this problem of SQL 2005 Partition Table Error is by using the MS SQL Database Repair application.

More About MS SQL Database Repair Software

MS SQL Database Repair software is a reliable tool to fix SQL database and its components. The tool will easily scan the corrupted SQL database and will easily solve the problem. More than that, the tool will also works well in case of MDF file deletion or corruption. Beside that, the software can also helps to rectify the problem related with triggers, tables, views and other components of SQL database.

Commendable Features of MS SQL Database Repair Software

  • Highly sophisticated in nature
  • Result oriented
  • Performs deep scanning and recovery of SQL Database files
  • Cost effective in nature
  • Easy to use
  • Easily available
  • Easy to install
  • Well compatible with Windows OS as well as latest SQL servers.

So, try it and easily resolve SQL 2005 Partition Table error.

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