SQL Error 8946: Fix it Now!

MS SQL Server 2000 is one of the popular editions of MS SQL which is considered as full-featured database management system that offers high-tech tools and techniques for the proper development and management of database. Further, due to its effective features and easy usability, tit has become one of the popularly used database system. Moreover, the SQL database is composed of different pages and each page consists of page header which is first 24 bytes of the page. Further, these page header are the integral part of the SQL server which contains informations about the free space pointers. It has also been observed that sometimes the existing database gets corrupted and hence gives rise to SQL error 8946. More than that, it has also been observed that while working on SQL server 2000 most of the users come across below error message:

“Table error: Allocation page P_ID has invalid PAGE_TYPE page header values. Type is TYPE. Check type, object ID and page ID on the page.”

Due to occurrence of above error message you are unable to access the database records.

Causes Responsible for SQL Error 8946

Actually, SQL error 8946 appears when invalid page header is assigned to specified page. Such kinds of problems appears when the page header of database gets damaged due to certain unfavorable reasons like random shut of system, power failure, malfunctioning of hardware and virus infections etc. Corrupt page header gradually damaged the entire database and at times causes data loss situations. So, it is essential to repair the damaged SQL database to make it accessible and to prevent data loss situations.

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Method to Fix SQL Error 8946

In order to fix SQL error 8946 at first you need to check the hardware related issues because malfunctioning of hardware is very much responsible for database corruption. It is required to run hardware diagnostic tool and check the application log for any kind of error. Swapping the hardware components might resolve the problem. Easy way to resolve the problem is to replace the damaged database with recent backup available. In case if you don’t have valid backup then use effective third-party software to repair the damaged database.

More About MS SQL Database Repair Software

Even after performing the above procedure, if your problem remains unsolved then, in such condition it is strongly advised to make use of an effective MS SQL Database Repair Software to repair damaged page header and corrupt database. It can undoubtedly recuperate MDF records and restore it. It likewise repairs ruined tables, database, sees and triggers with a simple method. It additionally repairs SQL database files and constrains. Furthermore, its easy to use interface and highly reliable feature will really proves to be boon for you. So, you don’t have to be worried! You can easily make use of it and resolve all server related issues. Further to known more about its feature, you should make use of it and judge yourself whether its work or not.

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