SQL Record Check Failure Results in SQL Error 2337

MS SQL is one of the popular and widely used Relational Database Management Systems. Due to its effective feature and reliable working environment, it has become one of the most popular commercial and open source database system. Further, it is based on relational model and being used by large number of enterprises for the safe and easy management of huge databases. But, like other databases SQL users also experience problems while accessing the stored records. Sometimes, it happens that SQL record check failure occurs and hence an annoying SQL error 2337 gets emerges in midway.

It is quite common to receive error messages even in MS SQL while accessing the database. Most of the user’s have experienced that they are unable to access the data from tables due to occurrence of SQL error 2337. The error usually appears in below format:

”Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page P_ID, row ROW_ID. Record check (CHECK_TEXT) failed. Values are VALUE1 and VALUE2.”

As a result of this error message database gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. This error can appear in various circumstances and after its occurrence you are unable to access the database in spite of numerous efforts. The root cause behind the occurrence of SQL error 2337 is SQL record check failure which occurs when CHECK_TEXT for testing integrity of ROW_ID is performed by SQL and it fails to perform. The Value1 and Value2 which appears in above error message is depends on the state of error message as shown below:

State 40- Value2 is less than Value1

State 43- Value2 is shorter than Value1

State 100- Value2 is 0 and Value1 has invalid record type, which is record on the data page

State 101- Value2 is less than Value1

State 510- Value2 is less than Value1 for node type BLB_LARGE_ROOT or BLB_LARGE_ROOT_2, BLB_LARGE_INTERNAL

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Method to Resolve SQL Error 2337

In order to resolve the problem appears due to SQL record check failure a tond repair the damaged database, one should have to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Restore corrupt SQL database with available backup
  2. Execute DBCC CHECKDB utility to check the integrity of database

However, even after following the above steps you fails to fix SQL error 2337 then, it is advised to make use of third-party MS SQL Database Repair Software.

More About MS SQL Database Repair Software

MS SQL database repair software is an effective tool to easily resolve SQL error 2337. Beside better recovery option, one should also be able to recover corrupted or deleted triggers, tables and other components. In addition, the tool will also allow you to recover damage or corruoted database files. Hence, you should immediately take help of it and resolve any sort of problem related to your database system.

Software Features

  • Deep scanning.
  • Result oriented.
  • Easy to use.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Cost effective in nature.
  • Compatible with all version of Windows system & SQL server.

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