SQL Server Database facing the FileStream Corruption!

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most reliable and worldwide used database management systems. It has been well equipped with all the latest technology to provide easy usability. Moreover, it .mdf file format to store all the users data in a linear way. But, sometimes while restoring these files from the sequence of transaction of log backups, MS SQL Server database gets damaged. As a result, SQL server database facing the FileStream corruption, also known as SQL FileStream corruption. Furthermore, due to the corruption in transactions logs file, user also have to face some other error messages, which are explained below.

Error Messages Appears After FileStream Corruption

  • “Filestream corruption – missing files, error 7904
  • Table error 7903: The orphaned file “%.*ls” was found in the FILESTREAM directory ID %.*ls for object ID %d, index ID %d, partition ID %I64d, column ID %d.
  • “7904 16 2 Table error: The filestream file for “FileID” was not found.”
  • Table error 7904: Cannot find the FILESTREAM file “%.*ls” for column ID %d (column directory ID %.*ls) in object ID %d, index ID %d, partition ID %I64d, page ID %S_PGID, slot ID %d.

What is FileStream In SQL Server?

FileStream is a type of file system that manages the unstructured data & the storage of documents files, images. Further, the main role of FileStream in SQL server is to maintain the transactional consistency between unstructured and structured data. Moreover, it also integrates the SQL Server Database Engine with the NTFS file system by storing the varbinary(max) BLOB (Binary Large Object data) data as the files on the file system. The Win32 file system interfaces offer streaming access to data. It uses NT system cache for data caching.

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Why FileStream Error Occurs?

  • Initially, when the SQL server files undergo active transaction it has been assigned with a log number in createLSN column.
  • Now, the number assigned during createLSN column should be less than log sequence number of lastLSN column.
  • Now, if FSLOG entry is not get registered on time, transaction log marked the file as skipped.
  • Once, the file gets skipped it doesn’t be backup again and hence an interrupt occurs. As a result, SQL server database facing the FileStream corruption.

Solution to Fix FileStream Corruption

In order to fix the FileStream corruption and maintain the integrity of SQL database server, SQL database recovery software is the best option. It’s an effective and reliable read only application that gives you complete and throughout scanning of entire database files. Moreover, the tool will easily rectify the corrupted MDF file and extracts all of the database objects such as tables, reports, forms, triggers and stored procedures. In addition, the threat has been well optimized with effective and reliable algorithm, so that it can easily serve you with better recovery option. Apart from that, the software has been so designed that it supports all latest version of SQL server. Hence, try it and easily fix SQL server database facing the FileStream corruption.

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