SQL Server Ghost Records Gets Corrupt: Know How to fix it

“Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID: The ghosted record count (HG_COUNT) in the header does not match the number of ghosted records (G_COUNT) found on page P_ID.”

You might have received above error message in SQL when you try to open SQL database or while accessing its table records. Generally, this sorts of error messages encounter when the SQL Server ghost record does not match with the record count in the header. The Ghost records that are stored in the header are actually the record count which is generated from Ghost cleaning. It is usually done to optimize the performance of Delete command. So, when any type of mismatch occurs between original ghost records and record count in header then, above mentioned error gets appeared and which makes your database inaccessible.

Now, can you know what are the reasons for the emergence of such annoying and panic error messages? If your answer is definitely no! Then, don’t be puzzled! You are absolutely at the right most place.

Why SQL Server Ghost Records Gets Corrupted ?

Generally, this type of problem occurs due to corruption in SQL database which gets corrupted due to any of the following reasons:

  • Corrupt index
  • Power failure
  • Use of corrupt media
  • Bad sectors in disk
  • Virus infections
  • Improper shut down of system
  • Damaged file system structure

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All these factors corrupt your SQL database due to which SQL Server ghost records not match with the header record count and give rise to errors. After the appearance of error message you are unable to access your data as database becomes in accessible. So, in order to resolve the problem and to re-access your database, it is advised to make use of an effective backup files. You can easily restore it with current available backup. But, if you haven’t possessed any backup then you should follow below mentioned steps to resolve the error and access your SQL database.

  • Check the physical component, if it is defective then replace it with a new one which might fix the issue.
  • You can also use DBCC CHECKDB command with repair clause which repair your corrupt SQL Database and fixes the error.

Alternative to Fix SQL Server Ghost Records

In case, if the above mentioned steps fails to repair the corruption and you are getting the same problem due to mismatch of SQL Server ghost records then you should opt for third party repair software. You can use MS SQL Database Repair software which safely repairs the corrupt SQL database and fixes all types of errors. The software supports all versions of MS SQL and can also restore lost objects like table, indexes, views, triggers etc. Beside that, its easy to use interface and highly reliable feature will really works for you. Further more, the tool is well compatible with all the latest version of MS SQL Server. So, try it and easily rectify your problem.

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