SQL Server Unable to Run due to SQL Error 3417

Are you unable to access the database? Are you getting SQL Error 3417 whenever you try to access the database? Have you tried out some steps to fix the issue but unable to do so? Well, then you don’t need to worry as here you will find ultimate solution to fix the issue.

When you talk about relational database management system then no wonder you will find SQL at the top. It is most preferred RDBMS which is designed and developed by Microsoft for the convenient of users. SQL is the only database which has been widely used in the enterprise environment because it offers efficient management and easier access to your stored records. It uses query languages using which you can easily perform query, search, report and synchronization of database records. But sometimes due to some unavoidable reasons you are unable to start SQL and receive numerous errors. One such very error is SQL Error 3417 which disallows you to access your stored records or simply saying SQL Server unable to run.

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It has been observed that most of the SQL users are unable to log in SQL server due to occurrence of below error message:

When master database of SQL is unable to mount then it restricts its execution and despite of trying numerous efforts you are unable to start SQL. Each time when you try to start it you receive SQL Error 3417. However, one who is new to SQL or have not so technical knowledge he might think what goes wrong with his SQL database. The major cause behind the occurrence of above error message is corruption of SQL database which gets corrupted due to various unfavorable reasons as mentioned below:

  • Improper termination of SQL
  • Abrupt power supply
  • Malfunctioning of hardware
  • Damaged index
  • Virus infections

Method to Resolve SQL Error 3417

Once your database gets corrupted you are unable to access it unless you repair. At times it also happens that you lose your essential data due to corruption. So, it is necessary to repair SQL database in order to fix SQL Error 3417 and restore your corrupt database. Hence follow the below mentioned step to fix the error:

  • Go to SQL Server “C:Program Files Microsoft SQLServerMSSQL.1MSSqLData”
  • Security/Permission settings
  • Network Service Account
  • Add a Network Service account
  • Then again check all

However, even after following the above steps the problem remains unsolved then, you should opt for an effective MS SQL database repair software.

More About MS SQL Database Repair Software

You can use this tool to repair and restore your damaged database. It follows latest techniques using which it safely repairs your corrupt database and fixes all errors. It can also restore lost index, tables, views, triggers etc. the software is compatible with all versions of SQL and easily run on any platform.

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