Tips to Resolve SQL Error 2537

Does your database becomes inaccessible? Do you fail to access your stored data files? Are you getting SQL error 2537? Searching for some effective way to get rid of it? Well, then you are surely at the rightmost place.

MS SQL server is an extensively used Relational Database Management System that offer various of advance features and facilities to its users. It provides data security by safely storing them to a particular location. Easy accessibility with better integration of data. Further, in order to serve the user with best feature, MS SQL uses Master Database file i.e. .mdf for the storage of data files. But, inspite of all its effectiveness, sometimes users also have to face some catastrophic situation. The stored file gets corrupted, all the user’s record becomes unresponsive, etc. As a result, you start getting several unknown error messages.

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Now, consider a situation when you get SQL error 2537 while mounting the database. When you try to mount the SQL server database you meet with severity level 16 message as:

“Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page P_ID, row ROW_ID. Record check (CHECK_TEXT) failed. Values are VALUE1 and VALUE2.”

It’s really a frustrating situation for any one of us. But, have you ever thought that why such sort of inconvenience gets appeared in the midway? What are the factors that are responsible for this? If your answer is definitely no, then have patience and just continue reading this very post.

Causes for SQL Error 2537

Usually error messages appear in SQL server due to corruption inside the database. Apart from that, virus attack, power failure, hardware malfunction, damaged meta data structure, network issues and improper shut down of system etc. are also be the probable factor that are responsible for the emergence of SQL error 2537. Beside that, the major reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of SQL error 2537 that are as follows:

  • Logically or physically damaged database table
  • The specified condition in CHECK_TEXT statement are not fulfilled

Method to Resolve SQL Error 2537

You can easily overcome the problem by restoring your database using valid backup. If you don’t have backup then you can follow the below mentioned steps to repair the database.

Failure of CHECK_TEXT may occur due to hardware damage so you should check the log entries by executing hardware diagnostic tool. In case of any hardware failure replace the existing hardware with a new one to fix error 2537

If database is logically corrupted then run DBCC CHECKDB command with a repair clause. It will fix the error and repair the corrupted database but you will lose your entire data. Hence, to overcome SQL error 2537 without disturbing the integrity of your data, it is advised to make use of an effective third party software, i.e. MS SQL database repair software.

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MS SQL Database Repair software is available online that can easily and safely repair your corrupted SQL database. It can also restore your corrupted or lost indexes, views, triggers and other database objects. So, try it and easily resort any types of problem related with your database files.

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