Troubleshoot Read Write Error in MS SQL

Are you unable to fetch your stored data from MS SQL database? Are you getting read write error message while accessing the database? Searching for an effective solution to troubleshoot read write error in MS SQL? Well, then you don’t have to be puzzled! You can easily be able to resolve the issue. So, have patience and just go through this very post.

Many a times, while accessing SQL database you might have experienced some sort of inconvenience. You might have come across several error messages which makes your database inaccessible and which sometimes also leads to serious data loss situations. One of the common errors of SQL database is Read Write error which generally appears when you try to open the database. Now, in such terrible situations you tried all possible measures to access your database but fails to do so. So, friend don’t be upset. Here is the solution for you. In order to overcome such problems and to restore your lost data you need to make use of third party recovery solution.

Further, apart from read write error user’s also experiences several other error message, in case their database gets corrupted or has been damaged.

“%s: operating system error %d (%s) encountered”

Server: Msg 17, Level 16, State 1

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Named Pipes]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

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Causes for Such Panic Error Messages

The error appears when SQL server unable to read the specified disk location which you want to access. Apart from that, Read Write error is physical disk problems which appear due to various factors as mentioned below:

  • Bad sectors in disk.
  • Hard drive Failure.
  • Damaged Controller.
  • Volume Header corruption.

Above are the major issues that damages physical disk and give rise to errors. Beside that virus attack, improper shut down, power failure, internal errors etc. are also be the probable cause for the emergence of panic read write error in MS SQL. After its occurrence all your records becomes inaccessible and then, whenever you tries to access it you get same error message. So, to ensure accessibility of SQL database and resolve the error you must follow proper steps.

Method to Fix Read Write Error in MS SQL

You can self examine the physical disk by selecting the row from ‘sysaltfiles’ using the same name as mentioned in the error. The command used to identify the damaged disk is mentioned below:

  1. Use Master
  2. Go
  3. From master…Sysaltfiles
  4. Go

With the help of above mentioned statement you will be able to identify the problematic disk and resolve the Read Write error.

How to Restore Deleted Data After Read Write Error

In order to restore the deleted or lost SQL data you need MS SQL database Repair software. It is a reliable software which can safely repairs and restores your corrupt database. It can easily retrieve your damaged or lost indexes, views, triggers, procedures etc. Apart from that, the tool also offer very easy to use interface, which really makes the recovery process even more easier. Hence, try it and get your data as well as you database be repaired.

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