Troubleshoot SQl Error 7906 to Access your Database Smoothly

We all know, MS SQL server is relational database management system or simply sounds as RDBMS which is most popular and widely used for large business and industrial projects. It is fast, reliable and scalable as well as it stores and manages large amount of data in a much secured manner. However, the fact that nothing is perfect that same with MS SQL. It’s no doubt that it offers easy management of data but at times due to adverse causes database gets damaged and you receive various errors while accessing the stored informations means you will be unable to access stored data. However, SQL server provides various commands like DBCC CHECKDB to check and troubleshoot such errors. Although, they do their work but sometimes it fails to resolve the issue. Sometimes it happens that these corrective measures fail to fix some uncommon errors like SQl error 7906.

A similar situation occurs while you work on SQL server 2008 database. Let us take an example to understand the problem in detail. While using SQL database you come across following error message:

“Database error: The file ‘FILE’ is not a valid Filestream file.”

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Getting above error message is quite common in SQL Server 2008 database but after ocurence of the very error you will be unable to access SQL data or simply saying due to occurrence of above error message SQL database becomes inaccessible and you are unable to access your stored contents. The error message indicates that ‘File’ is not a valid file. Actually SQL error 7906 appears due to damage or missing filestream.hdr which is generally found in filestream database. There can be various reasons responsible for the occurrence of this error message. Some of them are as follows:

  • Malfunctioning of hardware
  • Damaged file header
  • Volume header corruption
  • Virus attack
  • Human errors

In order to overcome SQL error 7906 you need to perform SQL Recovery. You can resolved the error going through the below mentioned steps:

Firstly you must check hardware-related corruption issues as these error often caused by fault in hardware parts.

  • You need to run hardware diagnostics which will fix the error to much extent
  • Swap hardware parts in order to check the actual reason of database corruption.
  • Check the error log to verify the problem occurred due to defective hardware components
    Check, If write-cache of hard disk controller is enabled then replace the hard disk.
  • If nothing works then you need to re-install OS after formatting hard disk.

After fixing the problem you can replace the database with updated backup.

Hope going through the above stated step you have resolved the issue but in case it fails to do so means If the problem still persists then you must rely on proper and effective third party repair software like MS SQL Databse Repair Software to repair your damaged SQL database. The tool has been excellently designed with strong and advanced scanning technique which scan throughly and recover the issue. If in case any records gets deleted using this very software you can also restore it. Thus, you are advised to use MS SQL Databse Repair Software as it will easily resolve SQl Error 7906 and safely repair and restore your corrupt SQL database within few minutes.

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