Way to Fix SQL DBCC Error 2570 in MS SQL 2005

MS SQL Server 2005 is considered to be one of the reliable database management system. It offers safe and easy management of data. As a result, it has becomes one of the widely used database system among the mass users. But in the mean while, user also receives various kinds of database consistency errors while working on their database. Due to which your database becomes inaccessible & you are no longer be able to access them back and hence an unknown SQL DBCC error 2570 gets emerges in the midway.

Although, SQL uses primary query languages and execute various types of queries while working on the database. At times if happens that you receive incorrect results while executing certain query and receive several exceptions. It might be possible while using Remote Call Procedure in SQL or performing bulk insert some invalid values get stored in the database and corrupt the database. Due to which user’s may receive various errors or access violation. However, to resolve the problem and to check the issues related to consistency errors SQL provides an inbuilt command known as DBCC CHECKDB. User’s execute DBCC command with DATA_PURITY’ option but, unfortunately the utility fails to work and gives rise to SQL DBCC error 2570 which appears in following format.

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Msg 2570, Level 16, State 2, Line 1

Page (1:1073), slot 33 in object ID 1977058079, index ID 0, partition ID 129568478265344, alloc unit ID 129568478265344 (type “In-row data”). Column “account_name_japan” value is out of range for data type “nvarchar”. Update column to a legal value.”

Causes Responsible for SQL DBCC Error 2570

The major cause behind the occurrence of above error is the presence of invalid data structure with the SQL database table. Beside that, the problem also arises due to the presence of invalid floating point values like QNAN, ND, NINF, PINF etc. in the SQL table column.

Way to Fix SQL DBCC Error 2570

In order to fix SQL DBCC error 2570 you need to locate the column and correct the affected values manually. It can be done as follows:

Find the column or row containing the invalid entries and replace them with logically correct values, NULL value, default value for that column, maximum or minimum value etc.

Following this method you will be able to resolve the problem. But, what if even after following the above steps you are unable to replace the values and update the column manually ? As a result, a large numbers of affected rows and columns remains in the database table. Now, to overcome the problem and to recify SQL DBCC Error 2570, one should have to make use of backup. Yes, using backup file you can overwrite the damage table data.

Automatic Way to Fix SQL DBCC Error 2570

However, in the case if you don’t have backup available and you are unable to fix SQL DBCC error 2570 then you need to use third-party MS SQL Database Repair Software. With the help of this effective software you can easily repair and restore damaged database. The software works in all versions of MS SQL server. So, try it and get rid from any sort of SQL database problem.

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